iPhone 7

The Hottest news nowadays – yes! Apple is going to launch its new iPhone – iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S. Many Rumors and truths are there, moving into the online space, about the design, features and specification of iPhone’s new release.

According to leaks, rumor and reports, iPhone 7 is going to be released on September 9 and can be too expensive. Although, according to the images available, there is not a significant difference between the designs of iPhone 6 and new releasing iPhone 7. But many sources states some outstanding features in the new release like Force touch, Quad HD resolution, Sapphire glass, waterproofing , wireless charging and it’s 4-inch Japan Display. Other awesome feature’s includes touchable metal on the sides in order to control the volume by just sliding the sides instead of pressing buttons.



  • When is it out ? Apple has confirmed a September 9 announcement and rumours suggest it’ll be on sale September 18
  • What will it cost ? A lot, at least £539 / $649 / AU$999

If we consider these rumors and leaks as true news, then surely iPhone 7 is coming with great features and can take much market shares than its predecessors. With the features like force touch, which is much more sensitive type of touch, and other outstanding features, iPhone 7 can be the hardest challenge for its competitors. The iPhone 7 will be equipped with much improved camera for HD pictures i-e may be around 12 megapixels.

iPhone 7 Features

As Apple’s new invention ‘Apple watch’ is already in the news and so now if iPhone 7 is released with such awesome features, Apple will surely be going to be the hard target. But in fact, Apple’s competitors like HTC, Samsung, Sony and LG, already the well-known brands in smartphones market,  also have many outstanding and featured smartphones and as far as iPhone 7 is concerned, HTC One M9, LG G4, Sony Xperia Z3+ and Samsung Galaxy S6 are already out there in the market and are highly affordable alternatives of iPhone. With the release of iphone7, chances are that the prices of these Android smartphones will decrease and thus here – Price is also going to be a challenging factor for Apple.


As people always want something new in the new model, so same design like iPhone 6 can also be a down factor of iPhone 7. Summarizing all, Not only Apple needs to improve its design and look into a totally new and different shape than its previous models, but also the features should be enhanced to the next level in order to make the coming iPhone 7 capable of getting a remarkable place in the smartphones market.